• Full Game Art Production Pipeline Unreal Engine.

  • Full Production Pipeline: Concept, Asset and Environment Art, Renders.

  • Full Production Pipeline: Concept, Asset and Environment Art, Blueprints.

  • Architecture Data Conversion , Asset and Material Creation, UE Implementation.

  • Modeling, Texturing, Unreal Engine Integration.

  • Highpoly and PBR Pipeline for Android and iOS AR App.

  • Using Megascan Photogrammetry Scans.

  • Issue #03-05/2017 (German language). Pdf opens in new tab. Part 2 here, Part 3 here.

  • 3d visualisation City of Hamburg, Germany

    Using OpenStreetMap data, Modo and Marmoset.

  • Interior Design for Campus Expansion at Hamburg Bunker

    Game lounge & lab layout, budget planning, visualised w. real-time GI using Marmoset.

  • Pipeline study: hipoly-baking, procedural-material workflow

    Modelled with Modo, baked and textured with Substance.

  • Various Assets

    Modo lo- and hi-poly modelling, classic Photoshop texturing pipeline.

  • Still Life

    Engine scene with Modo - UE4 pipeline.

  • Procedural shader

    Dynamic snow and water made with Substance Designer.

  • Game Asset

    Unreal Engine executable here. Thanks to Hermann Stabel for Blueprint support!

  • Issue #02/2016 (German language). Pdf opens in new tab.

  • Realtime product visualisation

    Modo, PS, Substance Painter. Marmoset render. Maps 4k, 32k polys.

  • Asset modelling & texturing

    Modo built, Marmoset Toolbag 2 PBR rendered.

  • PBR Low Poly Asset

    Modo, Photoshop and Substance Painter.

  • Realtime hi-poly

    No off-line, no post-shoopin'. Rendered in CryEngine 3, made with 3DS Max.

  • Environment art on Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Environment art on Killzone: Shadow Fall

  • Environment art on Killzone 3 (DLC)

    Stahl Arms (Steel Rain map pack), Radec Academy (From The Ashes).

  • Asset art, post-fx and lighting rendered in CryEngine

    Total poly 6.736 (tris).

  • Environment and buildings on Crysis 2

    Also prop modelling, texturing and performance optimization.

  • Asset modelling for Crysis 2

    Destroyed background skyscrapers.

  • Architectural modelling for Crysis 2

    Conceptual design and modelling for Crysis 2 cityscapes.

  • Realtime architectural visualisation and lighting

    Reference / source: [external link].

  • Highres textured game meshes

    Gaming consoles rendered in realtime.

  • Asset modelling & texturing

    Gaming consoles rendered in realtime.

  • Vector design

    Illustrator and Photoshop (rendered in Marmoset & VRay).

  • CGSociety: Scene From A Movie competition

    Credits: Vehicles Ron. Vegetation, decals, skybox Ronny.

  • Asset Workflow and PBR Texturing

    Courseware for prop pipeline lessons. Thanks to Braxxon for Concept Art!

  • Storyboard

    Copics fun. Pdf opens in new tab.

  • Setdesign

    Interactive presentation, user interface design. Flash plugin required!

  • Paintover

    Matte painting on existing geometry and particle fx for mobile game.
    View Scenes with fx: Summer Autumn Winter Spring. Unity plugin required!